Q1. How does the service

Step 1: Post your enquiry for free via the web form on our site, or by giving us a call.

Step 2:The team with the expertise matching your requirements will be notified of your enquiry and then will quote for your work.

Step 3: Having received tenders from number of experts, you can then compare the information in each, as well as the professional details and feedback from past clients who have used them. Once satisfied, you can select the best professional for you.

Step 4: Once the professional has completed the work for you, we would appreciate it if you could provide feedback so that future clients can benefit from your views.

Q2. What are the benefits of posting an enquiry?

Posting your Domestic/ Commercial cleaning requirements or Car Wash or Health and Beauty on our website has a number of benefits:

No hassle: Searching for Professionals can be both time consuming and hard work. We make this process easy by listing all the businesses at your best interest on your behalf. And you only have to provide the job information once, not several times.

It’s quick: Generally speaking, a well-written advert will receive interest very quickly, within one or two hours. The professionals’ responses will be sent to you by email. You will then be able to compare and contrast these quotes at ease.

Compare quotes and save money: Getting a number of estimates from different accountants means you can ensure value for money.

It’s Free: Yes that’s right! It doesn’t cost a thing to post an enquiry. You really do have nothing to lose, so we recommend filling in the webform or giving us a call straight away.

Q3. Is the service free?

Yes — there is no charge for using Kleanify! And the professionals will notify you in advance of their fees for completing the work you require, so you needn’t commit to any costs before you have the information in front of you.

Q4. I have a question or issue, so how can I contact Kleanify?

If you have any questions regarding our website or service, please email us at info@kleanify.com or call us on 123 123 1234