About Kleanify


Kleanify will offer you with the largest platform, presenting the top quality lifestyle upgrading services. Along with the most reliable results and relaxing experience, at an agreed comfortable location.


To provide perfection at your chosen place through a local platform of prompt services.


Kleanify provides vendors a platform, allowing them to introduce and promote their high quality professional services, in the comfort of their local customers and own premises. Kleanify can be used to connect with customers, by making available their services in the clients chosen locations as well. We offer a wide range of services, from selected, experienced and reliable professionals. Kleanify aims to ease the method of availing expert’s services as per customer’s convenience, time and location as a part of their lifestyle development. Kleanify offers vendors an opportunity to bring its facilities to client’s doorsteps. With the rating and search option it can’t get easier to discover and arrange the correct services for you.

We Aspire

Welcome to Kleanify your number one source of mobile services to gain perfection at your place, we can provide you with all your demanded professional services and within your price range with the focus on your comfort and satisfaction.

Kleanify is a modern idea founded in 2016 itself, to help make day to day life easier for customers by bringing their demanded mobile services to their door step with ease. Kleanify is platform to help service providers offer their availability to customers, then be rated according to the quality and satisfaction of customers, helping them build a profile with star rating and reputation; to which customers can consider while making their preferred choices. Account upgrades are also available to help enhance and promote services for a better chance to be approached by customers. Kleanify can help build customer relationships and help services step in to the market with a chance to compete against other options.